Naty Edenburg

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Plantas Juninas, Minas Gerais - Brazil. Triple Exposure (taken by me) 

Blues Instrumental - Jethro Tull

The “earth” without “art” is just “eh”
Mystical London. (taken by me)
Into the light of the dark black night. London (taken by me)

Ben Gazzara

Style is the answer to everything.

Fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing.

To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without style.

To do a dangerous thing with style, is what I call art.

Bullfighting can be an art.

Boxing can be an art.

Loving can be an art.

Opening a can of sardines can be an art.

Not many have style.

Not many can keep style.

I have seen dogs with more style than men.

Although not many dogs have style.

Cats have it with abundance….

Miroslav Yotov
Ubud, Bali. Lomography(ing) (taken by me)
House of Art in Italy. (taken by me)